What Is It Used For?

The uses of hypnotherapy vary widely.  Since hypnotherapy can be a very rapid technique for bringing about specific changes, it's most popular use is for habit changes such as stress and weight management, phobias and quitting smoking.  Habit modification can be accomplished in a surprisingly short period of time when you are willing and committed.

Hypnotherapy also has medical applications such as pain management and surgical support.  In fact, hypnosis was used in medicine extensively in the 19th Century and is currently experiencing a renaissance in this area.  However, since hypnotherapy is all about resolving recurring habit patterns, is has lately found powerful application in the areas of relationship, career and finances.

Our daily lives provide us with many opportunities to solve ordinary, everyday problems.  From time to time, however, we come face to face with issues which seem to defy our ever-increasing attempts to understand and resolve them.  We find ourselves in relationships that feel vaguely familiar, despite all our efforts to "not do this again."  We repeatedly find ourselves in jobs where we get along fine except for one particular individual with whom we end up having a "personality problem".  We promise ourselves we won't run our credit cards up this high again, and the next thing we know, we back in the same mess.  Or maybe we've moved in order to "start over", and find ourselves, in a relatively short period of time, back in the same or similar circumstances once more.

What has happened is that we're locked in patterns of belief, attitude or behavior that are operating on an unconscious level.  No amount of trying to "figure it out" is going to help.  However, hypnotherapy can help you to access these unconscious patterns and finally get them resolved for good, creating in their place new, positive, effective patterns that support your well-being.

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