Weight Management

Weight management?  What's that, and what does it have to do with weight loss?  It actually has a lot to do with weight loss.  The word "loss", itself, can subconsciously feel negative in tone; e.g., the store operated at a loss and went out of business.  The word "management", on the other hand, has a more empowering feel to it.  It allows us to feel more in charge and in control.  Also, many people have developed an antagonistic relationship with food during years of preoccupation with their weight.  (See When Food Becomes the Enemy.)  These people often need to take the time to heal that relationship before their weight can normalize.  The use of the term "weight loss" would set up an unrealistic expectation in their minds.

It has been scientifically proven that diets don't work; and if anyone ever doubted that fact, most people's experience would confirm it.  The human survival mechanisms tend to win out in the end.  What does work, however, is to reconnect the individual with their own intuitive knowing regarding what to eat, when to eat and how to eat.  To do that, it is necessary to uncover how that intuition got derailed in the first place.  That's where hypnotherapy comes in.

In hypnosis, it's possible, in just one session, to get to the root of how your current relationship with food became established.  Having uncovered that root cause, you can then resolve it and begin a process of reestablishing a solid connection to your own healthy appetite control center.  Over time, your weight will normalize and become self-managed.  You will learn to eat only when you're hungry and only what you body needs.  You will learn to say "No thank you" to offers of food when you're not really hungry, whether the offers are from friends, media advertisements or just the aromas wafting through the air.  You will learn to value your body (and yourself) and to feed and exercise it in a way that supports your health and happiness.  Sometimes more than one session is required, but rarely more than two or three.

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