If you could see your financial situation as an image in front of you, what would it look like?  Would it be a huge sack you carry on your back, weighting you down?  Or maybe a man-eating tiger, stopping you dead in your tracks with fear?  Or maybe it looks like the Grand Canyon, a "bottomless" pit you can never crawl out of.  Or is it just a huge mass of confusion?

Whatever the case, in truth our finances are none of these.  Our relationship with money typically results from early role modeling and experiences, which create beliefs, attitudes and behaviors about money, and what it means to have it or not to have it.  These attitudes are learned; they are not genetically determined.  In many cases, cultural attitudes about money and gender have had a significant influence on our perception of money and our relationship to it.

Whatever your money patterns, they can be explored and modified, if appropriate, in hypnotherapy.  Whether it be cultural or family imprints, they can be resolved, allowing you to create alternative attitudes and behaviors that more accurately reflect the person you are today.  Financial goals can be developed and reinforced through hypnotherapeudic "brainstorming" processes, which bring all your resources to bear on these important issues.

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