Frequently Asked Questions

                What is hypnosis?

                Is it safe?

                Will I lose control?

                Is there any risk that I won't come out of hypnosis?

                How long does it take?

                Does it last?

                Will I discover things I'd rather not know about?

                Will I be asleep or unconscious?

                Is hypnosis magic?

                What is intuition?

                Why should I care about intuitive development?

                What can I expect from intuitive development?

                What differentiates Inner Power from other providers of these services?

What is hypnosis?
There are almost as many definitions and theories concerning the nature of hypnosis as there are hypnotists.  What is theorized scientifically is that it is a physical state which has probably evolved for many living things as a survival mechanism.  In humans it creates a state of aroused, attentive, receptive, focused concentration which produces relaxation, heightens suggestibility and awareness, and  bypasses the conscious mind, allowing access to the subconscious.   Examples would be daydreaming and meditation.

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Is it safe?
It is completely safe.  It is a natural resting state that humans and other living things enter on a regular basis, for example when daydreaming.  Hypnotherapy does nothing more than bring purpose to what is naturally a random occurrence.
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Will I lose control?
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  There therapist is there only to facilitate the process.  In addition, most  modern therapeutic hypnosis is done with a permissive posture on the part of the therapist and the subject remains in choice and in charge during the entire process.  The more directed tone used by stage hypnotists carries more authority, but even in these cases, the response of the subject is dependent on how susceptible they are to authority in the first place.  If your mother tells you she doesn't like your latest haircut and you change your hair as a result, you might find yourself also more susceptible to authoritative suggestions by a hypnotist; however, research has failed to prove that a hypnotic subject would ever do anything under hypnosis that he would not do during his normal state.

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Is there any risk that I won't come out of hypnosis?
None.  Because is it a natural state, like daydreaming, you will come out of it in much the same way.  Some people enjoy the prolonged state of relaxation so much they voice regret on having to return, but they do.

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How long does it take?
The habitual beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that often interfere with our goals and desires are not typically organized in a straightforward way.  Hypnotherapy has the reputation of being fast and effective on specific behavioral patterns.  For that reason, much can be gained in as little as one hypnotherapy session.  Sometimes it's necessary to return for a subsequent session or two to deal with related patterns that emerge following the initial session.  Hypnotherapy differs from traditional therapy in that it does not necessarily deal with global personality issues nor does it require months or years of weekly therapy.

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Does it last?
Whether or not the changes resulting from hypnotherapy are permanent or not largely depends on the techniques used by the therapist.  Simple symptom removal via the suggestibility characteristics of the hypnotic state are not always 100% effective and permanent.  For some they are.  For others however, there are subtle, deeply ingrained casual patterns which bear little resemblance to the presenting issue which need to be rooted out in order to bring about lasting change.  The Inner Power hypnotherapy processes do just that with a unique set of integrated techniques.

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Will I discover things I'd rather not know about?
There are a number of psychic mechanisms, such as denial, minimization and rationalization, which protect us from being emotionally overwhelmed.  Hypnosis does not override those mechanisms.  Many of the experiences from which our patterns developed in childhood, when seen through the eyes of an adult, carry helpful information but no longer overwhelming emotional intensity.

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Will I be asleep or unconscious?
No, just as you are not asleep during a episode of daydreaming, hypnosis is just a slightly altered state of consciousness.  The Inner Power hypnotherapy session is fully interactive and collaborative as the therapist helps you to navigate through your inner world.

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Is hypnosis magic?
Not at all.  It is a normal resting state, that can be biologically studied and described.  Because it causes thoughts and images to appear real and therefore be manipulated to help bring about the desired therapeutic outcome, it does not appear to be as straightforward an intervention as more directly measurable techniques.  Also, because no two individuals are alike, either physically or psychologically, comparing their resulting changes in behavior is difficult.

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What is intuition?
Intuition is defined by Webster as the immediate knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning.  Another way of stating it is that intuition is a heightened sense of awareness at the most subtle level.  In The Tao of Sports , Bob Mitchell describes intuition as "that certain something that comes deep from within.  That ineffable, unnameable, unknowable, unthinking and always dependable little voice that you follow obediently, that speaks to you in silent wisdom and shows you the light in the midst of the darkness."

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Why should I care about intuitive development?
That's a question for you to answer and to do that you might ask yourself:  Do I have nurturing, dependable relationships in my life?  Am I creating in my life today or just "treading water"?  Is my work satisfying and challenging?  Do I greet each day with enthusiasm and vibrant health and energy?  The process of intuitive development creates the power to become more of a director in your own drama of life.

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What can I expect from intuitive development?
The  intuitive development program, sponsored by Inner Power, provides a set of techniques which, when practiced over time, allow for the location, connection and development of the intuition.  A further purpose of this type of inner work is to become more available to the mysterious and unknown within you, thereby helping you learn more about and ultimately develop deeper trust in yourself.

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What differentiates Inner Power from other providers of these services?
Inner Power uses techniques and processes which empower clients to connect with and develop their own source of inner wisdom.  The work is fully interactive and collaborative, and is grounded in the belief that the client's innate wisdom is the best source for resolution of the issues that develop in his or her life and is, in fact, charged with the responsibility of providing leadership in that life.

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