If you ask any ten people, what is the one area they would like to understand better in their lives, at least 6 of the 10 would opt for understanding about their significant and important relationships.  Books are constantly being written on the subject, and workshops, seminars and organizations have been developed, all dedicated to the need to understand, value, support and enrich our relationships.

Why is it that this most basic of all of the many elements in our lives is so fraught with difficulty and complexity, especially in these times of rapidly changing values and roles?  Well, I don't pretend to know the answer to that, however, what I do know is that each individual can come to an understanding of his or her own particular needs and values in this regard.  And each of us can locate and resolve any patterns that may be interfering with our ability to establish and maintain lasting relationships.

The patterns are usually formed during our early years, and hypnotherapeudic regressions can help locate the incidents that contributed to imprinting the patterns.  Vision and values work can also be enhanced by hypnotherapeudic "brainstorming".  This process allows for all parts of the self that are invested in the topic to contribute, which in turn results in a more complete assessment of the relationship goals.

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