Smoking Cessation

So you've tried everything: will power, chewing gum, nicotine gum, nicotine patch, and so on.  Most smoking cessation program focus on nicotine as the problem.  Although nicotine has been proven to be a powerful drug, it is never the reason people start smoking.  The nicotine comes after, not before you start smoking.  For that reason, it's important for you to fully understand what drew you to smoking in the first place.  Until that initial cause is understood, it can remain an unconscious saboteur in your attempts to quit smoking.  The initial causes vary and are totally individual.  No two people have exactly the same root cause for smoking.  Although stress and anxiety are often an underlying factor, the exact circumstances which trigger the stress and anxiety are unique to each person.

Hypnotherapy allows you to delve more deeply into your own mind where all the information you need regarding the root cause of this habit is stored.  Once the cause is identified and resolved, the whole processes of becoming a non-smoker is made much easier.  Sometimes only one session is required; sometimes two or three.  Rarely is more required for any one particular issue.

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