Stress Management

We hear a lot about stress these days.  In fact the word "stress" has become somewhat of a household word in the latter half of the 20th Century:  stress-related illness, stress hormones, physical stress, emotional stress, workplace stress, etc.  In truth, the stress involved in creative pursuits can be invigorating and energizing.  It's the stress that we encounter in situations where we feel powerless that takes a toll on our physical and psychological well-being.  In fact, recent research has uncovered a connection between apparently healthy people who are under stress, and early signs of heart trouble.  It is this so-called "negative stress" that needs to be resolved if we are to return to a state of balance and health, enjoying life rather than "going through the motions".

Hypnotherapy is an excellent  resource for resolving stress and regaining a sense of balance.  The seeds of our feelings of powerlessness are often sown in our early years when we indeed were, for all intents and purposes, powerless.  During that intense learning period, incidents may have occurred that taught us that we were to be seen and not heard, that we were expected to give up our own needs for the sake of others, that authority figures wielded all the power, and so on.  Hypnotherapy allows us the opportunity to revisit those learning experiences and change the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that resulted from those situations.  In that way, we are able to update those lessons to more appropriately relate to our current circumstances, and begin to respond from a place of personal power.

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