What Is It?

Hypnotherapy is a technique that utilizes hypnosis to put the power of your own mind to work to help you modify attitudes and behaviors that you want to change and create more positive alternatives for yourself.  At Inner Power, our goal is to help people learn how to better recognize their own natural inner resources for problem solving and change.  Since each of us is different, it's important that we learn what is unique about how we each function at our best and how to put that to use in everyday problem solving.

The use of hypnosis provides for the utilization of numerous methods to access your deep inner mind and the knowledge that is held there.  The most popular method we have found here at Inner Power is age regression, which allows you to resolve the problem at the point of inception, typically during childhood.  Once the initial sensitizing event is uncovered, it can be modified, if appropriate, and the modified interpretation can then be brought up to the present.  This "updating" of the old data allows your responses to problematic situations to be "updated" as well.

Other effective methods for hypnotherapeudic change include the use of metaphor and symbol to transcend the ordinary everyday meaning of events and circumstances, as well as deep introspection, which brings clarity to issues otherwise too puzzling to easily comprehend.

All of these methods, as a side benefit, increase self-knowledge, enhancing your relationship with yourself, as it guides you on a journey through your own inner world.

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