Regression is the process of moving back in time to earlier events, remembered or unremembered by the conscious mind.  Most often these events have been forgotten or lost to memory because they either were not deemed useful by the more active centers of the mind, or were repressed because they were painful at some level.  It is important to realize that these memories are not necessarily completely factually accurate.  However, since it is the emotional tone with which these memories are associated that causes our reactive patterns, resolving that emotional tone is the goal of the therapy, and that goal can be accomplished, even if some license is taken by the unconscious mind with regard to the actual events portrayed.

Regression is most often used in hypnotherapy to trace a current problem back to its original source.  In this way it offers an opportunity for old behavior patterns to change and new ways of thinking to be established.  When done properly, the client will describe vividly, in detail and with emotion, those experiences which relate in some causal way, to the issue being explored.

Most regression done in therapy is age-related and ultimately terminates in the client's childhood where most, if not all, patterning takes place.  If a client's personal philosophy includes a belief in reincarnation, regressions into prior lives, in many cases, can provide powerful insights, as well, into issues being confronted currently.

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