What Can You Expect to Happen?

When you decide to have a free consultation with Inner Power, a history of the issue you're interested in exploring is taken by phone, and any questions you may have about the process are answered.  A brief medical history is also taken to ensure any medical or psychological issues are dealt with appropriately.  The next step is to set up an appointment.  An intake form, consulting agreement, directions to the Inner Power office, and any other required materials are mailed to you prior to the appointment.

The appointment begins with a review of the intake form and additional discussion of the presenting issue, as needed.  Next comes a more in-depth interview to ensure that all channels of perception are open and available for the hypnotherapy process itself.  An attempt is made to ferret out any "saboteurs" that could make the therapy more lengthy and difficult, and goals are identified for what it is you would like to accomplish.

The hypnotic induction is primarily a process of relaxing and focusing, which typically takes 15-20 minutes.  Music is used to support both the induction and therapy process.  When you are fully into the hypnotic state, the therapy process begins.  This process is one of exploration, discovery and decision-making and is fully interactive.  You will be able to respond to my questions as you move through your inner world.  The therapy itself will typically take between 30 and 45 minutes, although occasionally, depending on the circumstances, it can take a bit longer.

When resolution has been achieved, you will be brought out of hypnosis and should feel relaxed and more empowered.  A session is rarely terminated without significant resolution; however, there may be occasions when a subsequent session or two to deal with slightly different aspects of the issue may be in order.  This is left entirely up to you, since it is my belief that you are in the best position to know what it is that you need.  If you decide on a subsequent session, it is best to let some time pass before returning, to ensure sufficient integration of the work already done.

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