There are numerous areas in life in which we want and need to perform to our optimum ability.  For a variety of reasons, however, it is sometimes difficult to achieve these levels, particularly when it comes to public speaking, school and training programs, sports and entertainment fields, to name a few.

In public speaking, for example, it seems that there are some people who are just naturally outgoing.  It's as if it is part of their genetic makeup.  And it may be.  However, feeling comfortable while speaking in public has more to do with emotions than personality, and recent studies have shown that much of our "emotional intelligence" is conditioned rather than inborn.  Through hypnotherapy, those early conditioned experiences can be uncovered and modified in ways that will allow you to perform at the level you desire.

Test anxiety is relieved in much the same way.  Whether it be the belief that our entire life turns on the results of a given test, or earlier experiences that conditioned us to believe that we were incapable of remembering what we learned, or even some remote event which now causes us to freeze up or become confused whenever we face an important task, these are all patterns that can be confronted and resolved in hypnotherapy.

Sports performance, whether individual or team sports, can be improved through identifying performance stress factors taken on earlier in life.  There is also research that substantiates the effectiveness of visualizing performance compared to actual practice as a way to improve performance.  All of these supports for enhanced performance are available through the use of hypnotherapy.

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