Life Transitions

Transition is a regular part of 20th Century life.  The ability to embrace change has become fundamental to our physical and psychological health.  Throughout the ages, man has had to deal with change at one level or another, if only the birth and death of loved ones.  However social and cultural development has, in many ways, complicated our lives when compared to the simplicity of our more primitive ancestors. We find ourselves having to learn to deal with ever-increasing political, social, religious, and moral changes, just to name a few.  Some changes we embrace much more easily than others.  However, when we find ourselves in a desperate struggle to maintain our equanimity in the face of some of the more difficult transitions, such as in our careers, relationships or finances, there are often patterns of belief or attitude, taken on earlier in our lives, that become barriers to moving past the old and embracing the new.

Hypnotherapy can not only help to bring awareness to those particular patterns so that they can be resolved, but can also allow for inner-directed "brain storming" sessions, in  which options for the future can be brought to light and evaluated.  In this way, many of the parts of our personality that are unacknowledged and hidden away, for whatever reason, in the shadows of our unconscious mind, can be brought to the "table" and given the opportunity to be heard.  When that happens, we can make decision that more fully represent the totality of who we are.

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