Intentional Practice

-to ground oneself in an ongoing practice of self-relationship
-to forge long-term ties with a trustworthy
 and dependable feedback network
-to brings all the wisdom of the self to bear on creating
 a vision for ones life; physically, mentally,
 emotionally, and spiritually

What do we mean by practice?  Practice is defined as the performing or working at something repeatedly so as to become proficient.   Some examples are:  athletic practice, exercise practice, meditation practice, and spiritual practice.   So what, then, is intentional practice?  Intentional practice is the working at becoming proficient at something with deliberate determination.

For the purpose of intuitive development, intentional practice refers to the on-going consistent use of those skills and strategies that have been shown to be most effective in maintaining the connection to ourselves at a deep level in order to ultimately achieve what it is we truly want in our lives, personally, professional, spiritually.

During the previous segments of the intuitive development program, skills have been developed for connecting with the inner self; for using that connection to bring forth information through writing, art and dream work; and for learning how to solicit feedback from outside of oneself.  Over time, it is expected that those skills have and will continue to become more internalized and automatic.

Intentional practice takes those skills and that information and synthesizes it into a meaningful context for moving forward with our goals and desires.  What we have learned about ourselves and our relationship with others allows us now to set a course for achieving what it is we truly want for ourselves.

At the same time, intentional practice helps us put in place the structures that we need in our lives that will allow for continued growth and development, such as a clear road map for where it is we want to go and a diverse and dependable feedback network to help us stay on track.

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