Intentional Feedback

 -invites communication with significant others
     -allows us to delve deeper into the mystery of who we are
         -offers the opportunity to actively enhance our growth,
     development and personal power

Intentional feedback is a practice for those who are truly ready for more advanced personal growth.  Even when we are well connected to ourselves spiritually, because we don't live in a vacuum, being able to value feedback from others is another giant step to personal power.  As we grow, it's extremely valuable to know how others perceive us, to receive acknowledgement for the changes we've made, and to recognize areas in which we can continue to grow.  When we are in relationship with others in all areas of our lives, it's loving and supportive to share our perceptions of one another honestly and directly.  This means sharing both the things we like and admire about the other--the things which attract us--and those that keep us at a distance and push us away.  This nurtures the development of closeness and intimacy.

Feedback can have any number of meanings or expectations, depending upon our cultural and family conditioning.  It can feel dangerous, uncomfortable, threatening and vulnerable, or it can be intriguing and filled with anticipation as we learn what others' perceptions of us are.  Some of us may find humor in the process, while others may become defensive and combative.  Whatever the situation is for us, first and foremost we must be able to listen, without judgment or comment, in order to take the feedback in.  Our degree of personal growth and development will determine how well we can accomplish that feat.  It takes a highly evolved person to do that perfectly, so don't make yourself wrong for slipping a little as you begin this process.

The bottom line is that intentional feedback may not be for everyone, but for those who are ready for this level of personal development, it can be a very useful tool.  Another thing to realize as you approach the process, is that this will not necessarily be a reciprocal experience.  Just because we have reached a place of receptivity regarding feedback does not mean that others in our life are in that same place.  Everyone is on his or her own track of personal growth and development.  This is about where you are.

It is also important to remember that feedback is often launched through the sources's own conditioned filters.  This is why it becomes critical to have numerous sources in each of the various areas of one's life.  As we receive feedback from these various sources, we can then sift through the information, looking for themes and patterns, uncovering the major areas for growth as well as those areas where we have already made significant strides.

Be sure to pick your feedback sources carefully.  There are people who don't understand the mechanisms of feedback and may use it as an opportunity to be abusive.  They may be appropriate for going to the movies with, but not for this kind of intimate work.

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