Inner Child Work

The term "inner child" refers to that aspect of our personalities that holds the feelings, attitudes and memories imprinted during our childhood.  For some of us, our childhood was sometimes difficult and painful, but as someone once said, how boring perfect childhoods would be.  However, for many others, their childhood was filled with the unrelenting pain of chronic abuse and/or loss of a loved one.  These individuals have rarely, if ever, had an experience of themselves as powerful, awesome, magnificent works of art, and for this reason, have had difficulty expressing their true essence as human beings.  A pall can hang over their everyday lives that affects their careers, relationships, creativity, health, and the very joy of living.  For these individuals, the opportunity to heal the most serious of these wounds can release them from the unending fear, sorrow, and depression so often associated with chronic childhood trauma.

Hypnotherapy provides a safe and effective container for confronting, exploring and healing the patterns and conflicts which result from these unfortunate experiences.  These damaged and hurt "inner children" can be rescued by their loving and compassionate adult selves, and in the process, regain their voices and the many feelings repressed for so long.  With the help and support of their adult selves, they can express and be heard, thus regaining their lost power.  From this place of power, they can then experience relief and a true sense of security for the first time in many years.  From a place of power, they also have an opportunity to forgive, if appropriate, and reestablish relationships often destroyed, directly or indirectly, by the ravages of painful childhood experiences.

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